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Rostraver Township is a MS4 Community

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Rostraver Township, PA 15012

Please be advised that the United States Postal Service has added Rostraver Township and Rostraver Twp, PA 15012 as an alternate preferred last-line designation for 15012 addresses in Rostraver Township.  Through a cooperative effort with Rostraver Township, Westmoreland County Addressing, Westmoreland 911, and the United States Postal Service it has been agreed upon for properties in Rostraver Township that have a 15012-zip code to now be addressed as Rostraver Township instead of Belle Vernon.  The Rostraver Township Board of Commissioners would like to inform property owners located in the 15012-zip code in Rostraver Township to use one of the following to improve location identity for emergency services and mail delivery:

Rostraver Township, PA  15012 or

Rostraver Twp, PA 15012

If your property is located within Rostraver Township with a 15012-zip code, please begin the process to change your address.  Official letters will be sent with your Rostraver Township taxes if you are within the 15012-zip code.  It will be your responsibility to change all your information to reflect this address change.  If your property is located in Rostraver Township with a different zip code, please continue to use that city and zip code.  (For example, Pricedale, PA  15072 would remain Pricedale, PA 15072)

It is very important for the response of emergency services and for the safety of our residents and patrons of businesses and organizations within Rostraver Township to identify their address as Rostraver Township, PA.  The Rostraver Township Board of Commissioners are proud of our community and are now able to enhance community awareness and spirit by being identified by the United States Postal Service as Rostraver Township, PA. 

Thank you for your cooperation as we enhance our services and awareness in Rostraver Township.  For more information on changing your address to Rostraver Township, PA  15012, please check out the Quick Links to the left under Rostraver Twp, PA 15012